Starlight Backdrop DIY | Bring out the Fairies Theme

By susan|July 17, 2015|decor|

starlight backdrop

A starlight backdrop adds a touch of fairy glamour to a room. Yes, you can hire them, but wouldn’t it be lovely to put your own personalised touch on it, and incorporate your own theme and colours? The backdrop will evoke a romantic, star-filled night inside your reception room.

You’ll need to gather a few bits together, but it certainly doesn’t have to cost the Earth…or the moon and the stars…! (Sorry!) Let’s get celestial, see below for how you can get creative with the sparkles

First of all you’ll need to get hold of some black tablecloths or curtains. You’ll be ideally looking to cover the space of at least a couple of walls of your venue, so the more you can get hold of, the better. Ebay might be your best bet for getting hold of such a thing in any quantity and cheaply? For maximum effect, go the whole way and cover the tables in sparkly black tablecloths too, finished off with crystal candle holders and silver candles.

DIY Starlight Backdrop

Before you get started on your starlight backdrop, ie before hang your dark curtains and tablecloths on the walls, decorate them with silver sequins (for those with a lot of time on your hands) or silver stickers. If you can do it safely add clear, twinkling christmas fairy lights. You can get hold of them with battery packs if they’re not going to reach the plugs.

Add to the whole effect with silver, star shaped bunting hanging from the ceiling! Do check with with your venue about using fairy lights, glitter and candles, before you buy anything