Bridesmaids, Grooms And In-Laws Duties

The Bridesmaids


Known for awful dresses and dealing with bridal drama, the bridesmaids can make or break the ultimate wedding experience. Help the day run smoothly and make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

Bridesmaids’ Duties

  1. Help with any pre-wedding jobs including: sending out invites and bundling up confetti to throw!
  2. Pay for your own attire.
  3. Help the maid of honour plan the bridal shower and hen night.
  4. Purchase a nice wedding gift.

The Groomsmen

The ones who make the most ruckus, the groomsmen, do have more responsibility than just keeping the party going. Let’s take a look!

Groomsmen Duties

  1. Get fitted in a timely manner for your tux or suit.
  2. Pay for your entire ensemble.
  3. Give money or a wedding gift to the couple.
  4. Help the best man decorate the getaway car.
  5. Aid in the stag night planning.
  6. Act as usher to all arriving guests pre-ceremony.
  7. Help keep the reception flowing and fun!

The Bride’s Parents

Yes, it’s tradition for the bride’s parents to pay for a lot, but not for everything! And they certainly don’t have to plan everything themselves…

Parents of the Bride Duties

  1. Help the bride and groom set a budget.
  2. Go on scouting adventures with the couple to decide on a venue.
  3. Be the main contact for all wedding vendors.
  4. Help create the guest list!
  5. Pay for all wedding stationary.
  6. Hire a wedding planner if necessary.
  7. Mother (& father) goes shopping with the bride for her dress and pays for the entire ensemble.
  8. Help pick out all floral arrangements and pay the bill on those.
  9. Help arrange transportation and lodging for out-of-town guests (you may want to get with the groom for this).
  10. Pay and book the photographer, videographer, and entertainment.
  11. Sort out the menu for the night and pay for that as well.
  12. Settle any tips at the end of the night.
  13. Father (and possibly Mother) make a welcome toast for the night’s celebration.
  14. Give the couple a nice gift.
  15. Help, help, help, be supportive and ENJOY the day!


The Groom’s Parents

The groom’s parents certainly don’t get off without some damage to their wallet. Just because you had a son, doesn’t mean you can’t contribute. Take a look at what you’re supposed to help out with…

Parents of the Groom Duties

  1. Ask the bride what she’d like for you to wear on the wedding day.
  2. Help create the guest lists.
  3. Make sure you help out on any task and call up the bride’s parents and ask if they need a helping hand.
  4. Plan and pay for the engagement party.
  5. Plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner.
  6. Pay for any alcohol.
  7. Help the couple pay for their honeymoon.
  8. Give the couple a nice gift.
  9. Enjoy the entire night, your little boy is getting hitched!

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