5 Top Bridal Beauty Tips | Let Your Inner Wedding Goddess Out

By susan|May 14, 2016|beauty|

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Bridal beauty is a massive industry all by itself. I bet you’ve lost count of the amount of diet plans and beauty procedures that have been marketed to you since word of your engagement got out?

We’ve all seen that online advert that claims “Here’s a funny old wives tale that totally works and will turn your wobbly tum into a six-pack over night with absolutely no effort on your part”, but I bet few of us have clicked on it.

That’s because deep down, we all know that if we’re going to transform ourselves into svelte, glowing beauties ahead of the big day, it’s going to take more than some cabbage soup or electroshock therapy (or whatever it is that the fad-diets are selling). It’s going to take a bit of discipline.

Here are my top tips to make the whole process just a tiny bit easier:

Top 5 Bridal Beauty Tips

1) Get some sleep and plenty of it, every night. Not only will it improve your life and general well-being, you’re also unlikely to be snacking at the same time!

2) Don’t make excuses for not exercising. If you can’t get out the house, get yourself an exercise DVD. If you’re never in, but you don’t have time for the gym or classes, there are even apps you can get which will deliver work-out instruction directly to your phone (You can’t hide!)

3) Once you’ve found a diet plan that’s working, stick to it. Try and get one of your bridesmaids to diet with you. Never underestimate the effects a bit of competition will have on your resolve! (Discourage your bridesmaid from losing too much weight if you’ve already bought her dress though!!)

4) Unless your wedding’s still a loong way off, don’t suddenly embark on a new skincare / skin treatment regime. In fact, once the big day is only a few weeks away, don’t use anything new (ie shampoo, makeup, beauty treatments) you don’t want to have either an allergic reaction, or change your appearance in such a way that you don’t look like you!

5) Don’t beat yourself up over the occasional treat. You’ll only give yourself frown lines!