marriage tips

Even if married life can’t be one continuous honeymoon, it doesn’t have to be one continuous winter either. Your married life should be full of life, laughter and warmth if it is to survive. Following are some tips on how to tip the odds to happily ever after.

Similar Values

When you choose to marry, you would of course want to be in love with the other person. However, you have to lend your reason to your decision, too. You have to consider if you and your partner hold the same values and beliefs.

Marrying a person who has different goals from yours is like getting aboard a rowboat and proceeding to row at different directions. A marriage built on conflicting principles is trying at best. The love you share with the other person could easily wither at the constant adversity and conflict.


Even if you and your partner have the same values to start with, you are not static creatures and your values and beliefs are likely to change with time. A marriage with established communication channels has a great chance of surviving. When you and your spouse have no qualms about saying what you want and mean, there’s no room for misunderstanding.

Of course, communication should be two-sided and you should not make communication an excuse for continuous harping. Once something’s done, said and forgiven, move on and be happy again. When your partner has something to say, listen.


communication-weddingIt is not wrong to want to be with each other all day long. However, it is wrong to always give in to this desire. Each of you should have interests and activities outside the sphere of your marriage.

Set a day every week where you can shop, dine, or do anything you would have normally done if you were still single. This way, you’ll remain growing as distinct individuals and have much more to share with the other.


Intimacy is physical and emotional closeness. It is not sex alone though that makes up a great part of it. You have to be constantly and instinctively touching each other, propelled by an innate need to give comfort and be comforted in return. As for sexual relations, you need to let go of your inhibitions and do whatever feels right to you and your partner.

You should never be leery of living your sexual fantasies and do not be stingy in satisfying your partner’s. Intimacy is physical and emotional give and take. It is the stuff that could strengthen your bond and make your marriage the haven it is supposed to be.